GLOBAL AIFA CONFERENCE  'Playful facilitators - Curious teachers'

This conference brings together creative facilitators and curious teachers to create conversations about improving classroom learning. We'll discuss concepts including 'teacher as facilitator', 'how to bring more joy and playfulness into the classroom.

Some of the take-aways from this conference would be

  "find some ways to become your authentic teaching self'

  'Join others who share this stance'

  'Facilitators and teachers to learn from each other'

  'New ways to operate the classroom and to enjoy your teaching more.'


While some presentations will be in English, breakouts will include Japanese, Finnish and Norweigian and other language speaking groups if enough speakers as well as biligual and Ghiblish groups. 

This conference is free of charge! Our mission are to share passions and to learn what is happening in each country's field of education and facilitation around the world. 


WHEN : March 26th Saturday, 2022

WHERE : online (ZOOM)

HOW MUCH : Free of charge!!


 - ANYBODY who is interested in creative ways to become your authentic self

 - ANYBODY who wants to learn about what's happening in education fields around the world

 - ANYBODY who wants to gain new skills of creative ways of operating classrooms and/or teaching 

World Learning Cafe : We'll have discussions with these questions.

At the World Learning Cafe, we have prepared these questions to get the conversation start. 

"How do we create the small steps in the classroom, to create the giant leap for the educational systems?

"What is something you would have wanted to do in the classroom?"

" You are now in charge of education in your country. What's the first change that you make?"

"If children were in charge of their own education, what would be different, do you think?"


facilitation by Simo and Hikaru Hie


Here's the file you can download to see some outcomes from the participants.
World Learning Cafe _ note from each gro
Microsoft Excel Table 13.1 KB

Here are our panel speakers of Panel Discussion

Nancy L. Weaver, PhD, MPH


College for Public Health and Social Justice

Saint Louis University

St. Louis, Missouri  USA

Paul Z Jackson

Co-founder and long-time President of the Applied Improvisation Network
Based in Oxford, UK

English Language Lecture / Instructor

Based in Tokyo, Japan

David Koff

Facilitator, Trainer & Teacher based in Portland, Oregon USA

We now have a working group for the global action
Click here to join!

Here are the videos from the 1st conference!







Let's meet the AIFA Playful Committee members from all over the world.

Why are we here? To change the world by making schools and education more playful with improvisation.

Jorgen / Norway

Simo / Finland

Hikaru / Japan

Paul Z / UK

Here's the flyer trabskated in Finnish.
Adobe Acrobat Document 330.9 KB
Adobe Acrobat Document 633.7 KB