Simo Routarinne


  Originally trained as an actor (MA 1988, Finnish Theatre Academy) Simo ROUTARINNE runs his own company Proimpro Ltd. since 2010 as an applied improviser and an interaction designer.

  He is also a founder and CEO of Doninto Ltd. (since 2019) that operates Doninto Agency Application - it is a disruptive way to bring playfulness and psychological safety to everyday work and learning with secret missions for us to complete in the flow of work or studies.

He has also great presentation skills and is one of the world's leaders in status training.

  In the last 30 years he has worked with a large variety of people from policemen to priests; from scientists to CEO’s and from actors to doctors. He has given inspirational keynotes, training and facilitating sessions in corporate settings and lectured in several universities in Finland and abroad.

  He has studied improvisation under the quidance of Keith Johnstone and has translated his book Impro in 1996 and written two books of his own since then, Improvise! In 2004 and Power in Interaction 2007.

  In 2011 he launched the Status Games card deck, a powerful learning tool of body language. 2018 he launched the Solios Spheres card deck that takes the Status Behavior work to the next level. 


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