DONINTO x AIFA presents COCOROnoIRO missions on DONINTO App!


After you sign up with a special code we provide, you can create your own Agent Page like this below.





When you log in Doninto App, you can select a topic you want to learn and conduct missions between original Doninto Agent Program and COCORO no IRO Program.


ドニントアプリにログインをすると、従来のドニントのミッションとAIFAとのコラボから生まれたCOCORO no IROミッションの2つの選択肢から、今日のやってみたいミッションを選べるようになっています。

When you select COCORO no IRO, then you have language selections, English or Japanese.


COCORO no IROを選択すると、次のページでは言語の選択が出てきます。英語または、日本語のミッション、お好きな方をお選びください。

This is the mission page for COCORO no IRO looks like. 
In both Engilsh and Japanese COCORO no IRO mission programs, You have liberty of selecting one misson out of 4 different color behavioral tendencies selections.  You can pick one mission per day to try for the day, and come back to write a report at the end of the day.


The good thing is nobody knows you are diong missions, so you do not have to worry about making mistakes. 

Moreover, there is no right or wrong.  It is more important for you to reflect your behaviora afterwards.





















Here's the rublic for Applied Improvisation Facilitators. Feel free to download and take a look.
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WHAT : DONINTO Agent App is a gamified collection of exercises to change individual behavior first, then the actions of a team and finally the organization culture to get better results by increasing psychological safety organically from bottom up.


WHY: "Without psychological safety we don't have collective intelligence, we have fear-based intelligence."  - Dr. Amy Silver


TO WHOM: Indivifals, HR and trainers who want (to create) permanent change in individual behavior, team strategies and organization culture.  To people who are ready to be the change they want to see around them - incognito, as an Agent!

The reasons why we woule like to recommend you to start Doninto are : 


- Doninto Agent App drives personal and professional growth with immersive and interactive microlearning delivered in the flow of work .

- It is a 24/7 lifehack gym!

- Users are prompted to complete secret missions and report the outcomes incognito back to the application.

- At Doninto app, you will find effortlessly the right tools, tips and participatory activities for any purpose and moment
  on your smartphone, tablet or any device. 

- The Doninto Agent game scales indefinitely as a platform and is aspiring to go viral globally. 

AIFA meets Doninto

The society that AIFA aims for is the creation of a culture where you can enjoy your own personality.


On top of that, AIFA is training facilitators and coaches to create Yes,And relationships.

Therefore the fact is those facilitators / coaches themselves can Yes,And to themselves is the key, and by creating a place with playful facilitation that fully demonstrates each charm and talent.  It will lead to the flowering and demonstrating of each learner's charm and talent.

Incorporating DONINTO gives participants and facilitators themselves the opportunity to playfully challenge various missions and bring out their individual charms and talents.


 In addition, the missions included in DONINTO are based on AIFA's core competencies (core abilities and talents).

What is Yes,And

We first accept and appreciate ideas, feelings, happenings, and the very existence of ourselves and others.


Then, return your ideas and opinions to the other party with "AND".

It may sounds easy to do, but you cannot "AND" without listening to the true meanings of the other person's story.

You do not want to deny the ideas of others.  First of all, "accept" and then "appreciate" .
And then "more and more clearly" in your own words.

Yes = Accept and Appreciate / And =  More details


The "Yes,And" attitude creates a sense of security and trust between people (Psychological safety).


The applied Improvisation method incorporates the agreements/rules of improvisation into dialogue with oneself and/or dialogue with others, and designs programs from the perspective of behavioral traits and psychology.


We play games that apply and incorporate various behavioral characteristics psychology and express the images that come to mind "instantaneously".  By doing so, you will train a more intuitive right-brain thinking method. 


By using this methodlogy, you can learn the basics of global communication by expressing the image of intuition as it is.  In addition, the behavioral transformation is smoothly promoted because the person himself / herself / themselves becomes aware of the characteristics and traits their own behavior through the experience.  

The step of "awareness" is very important in the process of human behavior.

And the true "awareness" cannot be obrained from lectures alone. 


The way of education that has been protected since the Industrial Revolution has undergone a bubble economy since the period of high economic growth and this Covid-19 period, and with the flow of the world, education not only in Japan but in the world is undergoing a major transformation.


Under such circumstances, hands-on education and training that incorporates this applied improvisation method fosters independence and improves the ability to take on challenges and actions.

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