For those who are looking for specific or various improv games

for your training or lessons.

AIFA would like to recommend you to visit William Hall's Improv Games. 
He's recorded so many instructional Improv Games videos as well as collected Improv Games from all over the world.

Click here to check out the videos. 

Who is William Hall?

William Hall is an actor, director, trainer and mask maker.


In 1986, his friend Rebecca Stockley said, “I’ve written a cool story, guess what it’s about?” After about ten minutes William had guessed the whole story. When she revealed that he had written the story with his guesses, William’s life changed. He realized that there were stories in all of us and that storytelling could be effortless.


He worked with a few brave folks in San Francisco and started BATS Improv. Today BATS Improv is a thriving improv community with a 200-seat theatre, a full-time staff and a spirit of growth and exploration that make it a great place for actors, students and audiences.


He’s performed and taught improv all over the world and even directed The Life Game© in Lodz, Poland. He has been in a few movies, TV shows and commercials.


His company, Fratelli Bologna, designs and delivers training for theater groups and corporations. Using the principles and theories of improvisation, Fratelli Bologna works with companies and individuals to increase engagement and authentic leadership.


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