AIFA - Applied Improvisation Facilitator Academia

Applied Improvisation Facilitator Academia (commonly known as AIFA) aims to improve the mindsets and skillsets for a new form of facilitatotion that combines the following three :


  1. Communication skills 
  2. Behavioral tendencies & Pattern language with Practical psychology
  3. Improvisation 

Our unique method for improving facilitation mindsets and skillsets in a new form that combines the above.
Improvisational principles, philosophies and games are widely applied all over the world in order to improve communication skills and management, human resource development, meditation, and mindfulness. 

We use this method for facilitators/practitioners to be able to

"Build Bettter Relationship"

"Create A Better Place"


We call this method as Applied Improvisation.

The AIFA was established for the purpose of aiming to realize a warm society where innovation is promoted by filling the world with assertive people.

We have established unique competency research and development based on the five basic principles of improvisation centered on Yes,And and Be Present (In the moment).  We train facilitators to design lessons/programs and trainings with these principles. 


The AIFA will contribute to the creation of a better society (places and relationship) for fostering facilitators with there high competeincies.


1 Yes,And

 Be present (In the moment)

2 Presence Management

3 Be creative and co-create

4 Take risks(or Make mistakes)

5 Resilience / Agility

What is Yes,And

We first accept and appreciate ideas, feelings, happenings, and the very existence of ourselves and others.


Then, return your ideas and opinions to the other party with "AND".

It may sounds easy to do, but you cannot "AND" without listening to the true meanings of the other person's story.

You do not want to deny the ideas of others.  First of all, "accept" and then "appreciate" .
And then "more and more clearly" in your own words.

Yes = Accept and Appreciate / And =  More details


The "Yes,And" attitude creates a sense of security and trust between people (Psychological safety).


The applied Improvisation method incorporates the agreements/rules of improvisation into dialogue with oneself and/or dialogue with others, and designs programs from the perspective of behavioral traits and psychology.


We play games that apply and incorporate various behavioral characteristics psychology and express the images that come to mind "instantaneously".  By doing so, you will train a more intuitive right-brain thinking method. 


By using this methodlogy, you can learn the basics of global communication by expressing the image of intuition as it is.  In addition, the behavioral transformation is smoothly promoted because the person himself / herself / themselves becomes aware of the characteristics and traits their own behavior through the experience.  

The step of "awareness" is very important in the process of human behavior.

And the true "awareness" cannot be obrained from lectures alone. 


The way of education that has been protected since the Industrial Revolution has undergone a bubble economy since the period of high economic growth and this Covid-19 period, and with the flow of the world, education not only in Japan but in the world is undergoing a major transformation.


Under such circumstances, hands-on education and training that incorporates this applied improvisation method fosters independence and improves the ability to take on challenges and actions.

Who are Applied Improvisation Facilitators

Applied Improvisation Facilitators are the professionals of creating psycological safe spaces and places with Deeply  understanding of the above applied improvisation method, behavioral psychology, and "improvisation philosophies" like Yes,And / Make others look good / Take risks / In the moment. 

They are also specialists in designing programs of trainings and school lessons with competencies such as self-expression, imagination and personal insight, and flexibility and creativity that can respond instantly in the moment.

At AIFA, those specialists and professionals are called Certified Practioners. 


*Practioner = A person who is always doing his best to improve its skills and knowledges and continues to provide that value in the field.



At AIFA, we aim to improve our minds and skills with four levels of proficiency by combining skills and competencies, experience and wisdom.

<1st Stage>

First of all, AI Basic facilitator who can acquitre the basics of Yes,And philosophy and behavioral trait psychology, and enjoy one's own mental health and relationships with others.


<2nd Stage>

Next, AI Divers facilitator can cultivate the ability to see the whole from a broader perspective, and deepen the understanding of behavioral trait psychology and Yes,And philosophy.
In addition, they can also instantly respond to the flow of the place / space and the movement of people and create with the flexibility and creativity.


<3rd Stage>

Then, AI Gloal facilitator who can play an active role in creating a place / space for building human relationships and improving organizational strength by making use of the knowledge, skills, wisdome and experience necessary for creating a place / space using improv games that can handle a wide variety of participants, from deep understanding of "improv philosophy" and behavioral traits psychology to accumulation of practice, society and organization.


<4th Stage>

AI Universal Facilitator can


Here's the rublic of AIFA competency models.

Here's the rublic for Applied Improvisation Facilitators. Feel free to download and take a look.
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