Nancy L. Weaver, PhD, MPH


College for Public Health and Social Justice

Saint Louis University

St. Louis, Missouri  USA


Dr. Weaver grounds her research, teaching and practice in the art of storytelling, the importance of connection and the rigor of the scientific approach. 


Nancy L. Weaver, PhD, MPH, helps businesses, schools and communities develop and use public health programs and policies in ways that work for them.  She holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, a master’s degree in biostatistics and a PhD in behavioral science.


Dr. Weaver is highly skilled in transdisciplinary teaching, research and practice and has been actively engaged in the public health response to the covid-19 pandemic.  She trains students and practitioners to understand the complex issues related to covid-19 and other health threats -- in particular, how to consider many different perspectives, voices and community needs.


Her research has been funded by the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Missouri Foundation for Health, among others, and has led to the widespread dissemination of effective injury prevention and parenting programs.  Most recently, she launched Support Over Silence for KIDS ( to provide bystander training to support parents and children struggling in public.  Dr. Weaver is

Co-director of the Community Engagement Core of the Center for Innovation in Child Maltreatment, a partnership with Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.


Dr. Weaver has a keen interest in helping parents and children develop skills for emotional health and wellness and working with schools and agencies to nurture the growth and development of all kids.  She consults in the areas of messaging, community and team engagement, teacher training, strategic planning and program design and evaluation. 


Using a systems lens and applied improvisation, her work emphasizes the importance of strength-based approaches, empathy and deep understanding across people and sectors.

Audiences at conferences around the world and readers of his books benefit from his expertise in strategy, leadership, teamwork, creativity and innovation.


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