Hikaru Hie

Hikaru, the president of Applied Improvisation Facilitator Academia as well as Ena Communication Inc. , is not only a master teacher in improvisational theater, an author, a faculty developer and a dynamic corporate facilitator, but she is also a principal of Kyoto University of Art and Design Senior High School and a associate professor of Tohoku University of Art and Design and Keio University. 

She is also a professional consultant who has helped numerous individuals apply the principles of improv theatre to experience in sets of easy to learn skills and tools to their professional relationships and businesses. 


Another playful and enjoyable evolution of her work is the one-on-one consulting with teachers and professional speakers, with people preparing for class design and delivery as well as job interviews, auditions, stand-up comedy, mediation, court appearances, plus helping facilitators design powerful experiential workshops.


Hikaru's experience includes a BA in Art and Psychology and over 15 years of teaching, performing, adapting and widely applying the techniques of improvisation.


She approaches improv training as a powerful and joyful way to peel away constraints, restraints and inhibitions, allowing the naturally expressive, collaborative and creative self to emerge. 


In addition to being a master teacher in improvisational theater, Hikaru is a dynamic corporate facilitator, an engaging Keynote speaker, an author (All is well if you think in Yes,And). 


She gives credit to her workshop students for bridging into business applications of the improvisation principles, skills and tools, and over the years has had the opportunity to work with some amazing companies.


A current passion is training trainers/facilitators to operate more of the time in their conscious competence…expanding the depth of their skills and tool kit, so Hikaru has started establishing Applied Improvisation Network Japan since 2008, and now it is officially incorporated as Applied Improvisation Facilitator Academia (so called AIFA) since 2015.

AIFA is based in Tokyo, but has associates and fellows all around Japan.


Hikaru was a board member of The Applied Improvisation Network from 2009 - 2013,and held international Applied Improvisation conference in the spring of 2010.

Her special interests are assisting folks who are new to the field and supporting their professional development. 


She is now working on her next book on designing learning and growing society by applied improvisation.